From lightening your dull locks to helping deceive those nasty grays, Shear Attitude’s expert colorists can make your highlights the highlight of your day!

The experts at Shear Attitude Hair Salon have been trained in the “latest” techniques highlighting so that your hair is enriched and strong and not stripped and dried like other salons.

Make your appointment at Shear Attitude for the golden highlights you’ve been dreaming of!


Precision….Maintenance free…..Gorgeous……these all define the results from the hair cutting & styling experts at Shear Attitude Hair Salon in Newport Beach.


With many collective years under their belts, the experts at Shear Attitude take in your ideas, blend them with current trends and expertise and the results are amazing…..first class hair and very satisfied and happy customers!


Our hair changes…..sometimes in subtle ways we’re not very familiar with…..what once was shiny and straight often times gives way to frizzy time consuming battles when it comes to doing our hair each day.

The experts at Shear Attitude Hair Salon have been trained in the “latest” techniques in Keratin Treatments. The results are not only visually exceptional hair, but less stress and strain on your daily routine and hair maintenance.

One of our most loyal and satisfied clients shares, “When I turned 49, my hair simply changed. I had grays here and there but the coarseness of my hair became a barrier to my time in getting ready for work each day. This was not a welcomed change in my life, so Nancy at Shear Attitude Hair Salon recommended I try a Keratin Treatment. I have to admit, I reluctantly went through the Keratin process and afterwards, I never looked back. I have my youthful hair back. Thanks Nancy!”



Following the latest in hair color trends, Shear Attitude Hair Salon color specialists are highly trained to create the hair color that best represents you, your style and your attitude.

With over 25 years in hair color expertise, allow the professionals “who know hair” to optimize the greatest look for your expressive lifestyle!


This color service is in high demand, and the most requested hair trend! There are different techniques and also looks of the Ombre; the more popular being the Balayage, which in French means “Free Hand”.


The ombre is a blended hair color, that gives an illusion of a darker root naturally blending into a lighter end. It is important that the blend is gradually blended from root to end correctly. Many ombres reflect a sun-kissed summer look. This look can be worn all year round!

Stylists who work in a professional salon have an arsenal of options when it comes to formulating the perfect hair color for each guest. We carry multiple types of color, bleach, toning and corrective tools to ensure our results meet each guest’s needs, while ensuring the health and integrity of the hair. After all, Vidal Sassoon said it best: If you don’t look good, we don’t look good!

With that said, many guests come to us to “fix” what either they did at home over the course of many months or years, or what another stylist did based on the guest’s desire at the time. In these situations, we typically find multiple bands of different colors and tones, uneven re-growth, brassy highlights or faded lowlights throughout the hair that need to be corrected or “evened out”. Then, we must explain to our guests that what has been done to the hair over the course of weeks, months or years may take more than one visit to the salon to correct.


Styling is a service that Shear Attitude specializes in. From Weddings to Friday nights out, styling your hair is our expertise. We offer updos, braids, curling iron waves, straightener curls- any look for your special occasion.
Weekly blow outs are also a common service for Shear Attitude. Our blow outs typically last up to 3-4 days. Come in and enjoy a glass of wine, while getting your hair cleaned and styled!